Our Chef

Adam Coulter is responsible for culinary creativity and menu development at the Lyme Inn. With a culinary degree from the esteemed Johnson and Wales University and experience as executive chef at several reputable restaurants, Adam brings a combination of creativity, culinary expertise, and management experience to his endeavors at the Lyme Inn.

Adam started in the restaurant world as a teen and after learning the workings of a professional kitchen, began developing his personal style and approach to cooking. When asked about his approach, Adam says, “I am fortunate to work with some farms in the area who provide me with outstanding quality items. My task is to present to the diners my interpretation, while preserving the product of the farms’ daily toil as well as using the proper techniques to ensure that the texture and presentation of their products are on the money. It’s about complementing without distracting.”

There is a lot of teaching in being a chef, and Adam and his team work together to bring the best product to the Lyme Inn tables. Adam wants guests who dine here to have an experience that they cannot get elsewhere. He also wants them to know they’re always getting his team’s best effort. “We have great ownership and a solid management team, and guests should know that every effort is made to make their time with us as enjoyable an experience as possible.”

Adam’s favorite cuisine? “Thai curries, the hotter the better!” His favorite food trend is molecular gastronomy. “Finding new ways to deliver enhanced flavor with different textures opens up all kinds of possibilities when composing plates.”