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Hanover Adventure Tours

Hanover Adventure Tours offers e-bike rentals and bicycling tours in our area. They will deliver e-bike rentals to the Lyme Inn for your adventure! From Hanover Adventure Tours website: “(HAT) is an organization born out of our community’s love of the outdoors. We are located along the Connecticut River between

Cheesemakers in the Upper Valley and Beyond

Cheese, glorious cheese. It’s a food that harkens back to childhood with memories of mac and cheese and grilled cheese. It can be served on burgers, with pasta, with crackers, and with wine. With its many varieties, flavors, textures, and countries of origin, almost everyone can find a cheese they

Breweries in the Upper Valley and Beyond

Beer is one of oldest and most popular beverages in the world. Sometimes referred to as liquid bread, beer was, before modern sanitation, safer to drink than water. The carbonated concoction was used as currency, was given as rations to slaves and soldiers, and was used in trade. Today it

Green Woodlands

Green Woodlands is an amazing resource for our area. It is open for use at no charge for off road bicycling, cross country skiing, and more. From their website … “Green Woodlands is a multi generational family organization with a goal of preserving a little piece of nature for many

Fall Foliage in the Upper Valley

Whether you’re a visitor to the Northeast or a long-time resident, the turning of the trees is a magical time. The lush green forests change over a few weeks into a vast array of reds, oranges, and yellows. It’s like a last burst of flames before settling down for winter.

Apple Season Is Underway!

It’s apple season in New England and Upper Valley farms are teeming with fruit. What’s your favorite apple? Paula Red? McIntosh? Ginger Gold? The Zestar! was developed at the University of Minnesota by the same folks who gave us the Honey Crisp. Ever try a SnowSweet? Classic apples and new

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