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Announcing the Cottage at the Lyme Inn

The Lyme Inn has a new lodging option for visitors—the Cottage at the Lyme Inn.  The charming, free-standing cottage is just across the  lawn from the Inn, and can provide a space for family or groups getaways, businesses off-sites, as a base for catering for events held at the Inn,

Getaway to the Lyme Inn

Looking for a fun and safe getaway? The Lyme Inn has what you need! Located in a beautiful part of New England, the Lyme Inn, in Lyme, NH, is a wonderful spot to rest and enjoy a peaceful break from your routine. It is also a launching spot for hiking,

Couples Getaway

Do you need a holiday but can’t travel far in today’s COVID world? We have a solution. Come to the Lyme Inn in Lyme, New Hampshire, and enjoy a romantic New England getaway. Located on the Lyme town green, the Lyme Inn is tastefully appointed in a way that reflects

Summer in Lyme NH

It’s summer in New Hampshire and the process of opening up is well underway.The Lyme Inn is now open and is excited to welcome visitors back to the area. Ariana’s Restaurant at the Lyme Inn never stopped preparing their amazing food. Chef Martin and his team started offering meals to

The Lyme Inn – COVID Policy/Changes – 12/2021

Extra disinfection of top 10 high touch areas in guest rooms including light switches and door handles Increased cleaning frequency of public areas Guest-accessible disinfecting wipes at entrances and high traffic areas Reduced amenities (like pads and guest directories) in rooms Contactless check-in and check-out Use of new technologies like electrostatic sprayers with disinfecting mist Elimination of daily housekeeping while guests are in

The Little Town That Could

Lyme, New Hampshire, is a beautiful small town, just north of the larger towns of Hanover and Lebanon in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. It’s a great spot for many activities and is a quintessentially picturesque New England village, with a town green, three restaurants, a

COVID-19 Update

Dear Guests of The Lyme Inn, In these challenging times, we are faced with the need to make difficult decisions. To our core, we care about people and their experiences, also their safety and well-being. As a company we subscribe to the idea that we can help by working towards

Winter Fun in Lyme and around New Hampshire

Winter fun abounds in our region. Skiing, skating, snowmobiling, and more—the options for outdoor fun are many. In our beautiful town of Lyme, there is ice skating on the town green, cross country skiing at Green Woodlands, and alpine skiing at the Dartmouth Skiway. The Skiway offers reasonable prices for


There are many wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors in winter, and one popular activity is snowmobiling. Snowmobiles are off-road vehicles that offer a great way to see the beautiful New England countryside. New Hampshire has an active snowmobiling association comprised of over 100 clubs that work together to maintain

Pond Hockey

Pond Hockey is a beloved activity of those living in cold-climate states. It has been around for decades and began with hockey fans making skating space almost anywhere large enough for a game: on frozen local ponds or on flooded “rinks” in back yards and town greens. The hockey was

Dining in Lyme New Hampshire

Did you know that there are several dining options around the Lyme, New Hampshire, town green? Of course, there is Ariana’s Restaurant at the Lyme Inn. Chef Martin’s passion for food is showcased in signature dishes on the Ariana’s Favorites menu and in nightly additions, which include locally sourced, seasonal

Cheesemakers in the Upper Valley and Beyond

Cheese, glorious cheese. It’s a food that harkens back to childhood with memories of mac and cheese and grilled cheese. It can be served on burgers, with pasta, with crackers, and with wine. With its many varieties, flavors, textures, and countries of origin, almost everyone can find a cheese they

Breweries in the Upper Valley and Beyond

Beer is one of oldest and most popular beverages in the world. Sometimes referred to as liquid bread, beer was, before modern sanitation, safer to drink than water. The carbonated concoction was used as currency, was given as rations to slaves and soldiers, and was used in trade. Today it

Ed Asner in “God Help Us!” at the Lebanon Opera House

This lighthearted play asks: Is it possible to disagree without being disagreeable? Legendary Emmy-winning actor Ed Asner plays God…and he is not pleased. He has a few choice words about America’s divided state. Bipartisan humor ahead! The Lyme Inn is a proud sponsor of this show and the Lebanon Opera

Fall Foliage in the Upper Valley

Whether you’re a visitor to the Northeast or a long-time resident, the turning of the trees is a magical time. The lush green forests change over a few weeks into a vast array of reds, oranges, and yellows. It’s like a last burst of flames before settling down for winter.

Apple Season Is Underway!

It’s apple season in New England and Upper Valley farms are teeming with fruit. What’s your favorite apple? Paula Red? McIntosh? Ginger Gold? The Zestar! was developed at the University of Minnesota by the same folks who gave us the Honey Crisp. Ever try a SnowSweet? Classic apples and new

Bicycling in Lyme and the Upper Valley

The Upper Valley area of New Hampshire and Vermont is home to wonderful outdoor activities all year long. One area favorite is bicycling. Here in Lyme we are fortunate to have amazing mountain bike trails made available by the Green Woodlands Foundation. One of the Foundation’s goals is to “connect

August in the Upper Valley

It’s summer in the Upper Valley, and the weather is warm and beautiful. The bright sunny days call us outside and we have so many ways to enjoy them. New Hampshire has no shortage of water to enjoy. Here in Lyme we have Post Pond—with a lovely sandy beach—for swimming,

Things to Do This Summer in the Upper Valley

The Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont is a beautiful region and offers many things to do, both indoors and out. Here in Lyme we’re enjoying the warmer weather and the summer season activities and events that we look forward to each year. Holts Ledge, here in Lyme, offers

Spring Is Here!

Spring is always welcome in our northern clime. We love winter but by this time are ready for warmer temperatures and spring activities. While small piles of snow remain and thermometers dip to freezing occasionally, spring daytime temperatures are here and we are venturing out without our heavy winter coats.

COVID Update