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Breweries in the Upper Valley and Beyond

Beer is one of oldest and most popular beverages in the world. Sometimes referred to as liquid bread, beer was, before modern sanitation, safer to drink than water. The carbonated concoction was used as currency, was given as rations to slaves and soldiers, and was used in trade. Today it

Ed Asner in “God Help Us!” at the Lebanon Opera House

This lighthearted play asks: Is it possible to disagree without being disagreeable? Legendary Emmy-winning actor Ed Asner plays God…and he is not pleased. He has a few choice words about America’s divided state. Bipartisan humor ahead! The Lyme Inn is a proud sponsor of this show and the Lebanon Opera

Fall Foliage in the Upper Valley

Whether you’re a visitor to the Northeast or a long-time resident, the turning of the trees is a magical time. The lush green forests change over a few weeks into a vast array of reds, oranges, and yellows. It’s like a last burst of flames before settling down for winter.

Apple Season Is Underway!

It’s apple season in New England and Upper Valley farms are teeming with fruit. What’s your favorite apple? Paula Red? McIntosh? Ginger Gold? The Zestar! was developed at the University of Minnesota by the same folks who gave us the Honey Crisp. Ever try a SnowSweet? Classic apples and new

Bicycling in Lyme and the Upper Valley

The Upper Valley area of New Hampshire and Vermont is home to wonderful outdoor activities all year long. One area favorite is bicycling. Here in Lyme we are fortunate to have amazing mountain bike trails made available by the Green Woodlands Foundation. One of the Foundation’s goals is to “connect

August in the Upper Valley

It’s summer in the Upper Valley, and the weather is warm and beautiful. The bright sunny days call us outside and we have so many ways to enjoy them. New Hampshire has no shortage of water to enjoy. Here in Lyme we have Post Pond—with a lovely sandy beach—for swimming,

Things to Do This Summer in the Upper Valley

The Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont is a beautiful region and offers many things to do, both indoors and out. Here in Lyme we’re enjoying the warmer weather and the summer season activities and events that we look forward to each year. Holts Ledge, here in Lyme, offers

Spring Is Here!

Spring is always welcome in our northern clime. We love winter but by this time are ready for warmer temperatures and spring activities. While small piles of snow remain and thermometers dip to freezing occasionally, spring daytime temperatures are here and we are venturing out without our heavy winter coats.

It’s Sugaring Season – Don’t Blink!

It’s Sugaring’ Season — Don’t Blink! Two of the Lyme Inn principals, Jack Elliott and Rob Meyer, making syrup!

New Hampshire Magazine Came to Visit the Lyme Inn and Ariana’s Restaurant

Article on New Hampshire Magazine

Tesla Charging Station

The Lyme Inn is excited to offer a Tesla charging station, supporting carbon-emission-free transportation in the Upper Valley. Our charger includes a J-1772 converter, so it can be used to “refuel” any electric vehicle. If you are staying with us, dining at Ariana’s, or just in the area, stop by

Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

As Halloween passes, our hearts and minds begin to anticipate winter. New Englanders play the “how long can we wait to turn on the heat” game each year. Whether we heat with a wood stove, pellet stove, fireplace, or furnace, we wait until we can’t postpone it any longer. It’s

Fall in New England

Each New England season offers sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that entice us. Each season is different and each is wonderful. One of the many joys of living in an area with distinct seasons is seeing the dramatic changes with each transition. Fall is best known for the incredible colors

Ariana’s Restaurant – Chef Martin Murphy’s “Great Food Experience” Gets a New Home

ARIANA’S RESTAURANT Chef Martin Murphy’s “Great Food Experience” Gets a New Home This article will appear in the fall issue of Here in Hanover. by Karen Wahrenberger photos by Lynn Bohannon The fine-dining experience of the legendary Ariana’s Restaurant has moved and expanded in a location that is more convenient

The Lyme Inn – The Best of the Old and the New

THE LYME INN The Best of the Old and the New This article will appear in the fall issue of Here in Hanover. by Karen Wahrenberger photos by Lynn Bohannon Lyme Inn manager Jack Elliott refers to Lyme as “a living town”—one of those few remaining towns that still hold

Farmers Markets

The Upper Valley offers a rich variety of activities, from outdoor adventures to the arts, but one of the simple joys of summer is visiting the area’s farmers markets. Farmers from the Upper Valley’s many small family farms—as well as other area food purveyors, craftspeople, and artisans—regularly gather to sell

A Special Thank You From Recent Guests

Hi Jack, Thank you to the entire staff at the Lyme Inn for a wonderful wedding weekend for our guests. We’ve had so many of our Ramsden/Talbot friends and family say how much they enjoyed staying at the Lyme Inn-fabulous rooms, food and service. Margaret and her friends and cousins

One Day in Lyme

The Upper Valley offers a great mix of adventures for all ages. At the Lyme Inn, we take great pride in our small town home while taking full advantage of the offerings of larger towns nearby. A single day as a Lyme Inn guest could include breakfast at the Inn

23 Events Taking Place in July: Film Series, Burgers & Brew Festival, Saxophone Quartet & More [2018]

23 Events Taking Place in July: Film Series, Burgers & Brew Festival, Saxophone Quartet & More [2018] Woodstock Magazine

Innkeeper’s Top 10 Activities – Summer 2018

Visit the Lyme Historian’s Museum, next to the Lyme Country Store Visit Dartmouth College Campus and the Hood Museum of Art, Hanover, NH Check schedule of events at the Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth Visit the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, VT Visit King Arthur Flour’s Bakery,

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