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Maple Sugar Season is Underway!

Maple Sugar Season image1 IOne of the early signs of spring in New England is the sight of steam billowing from maple sugar houses throughout the region. Spring is in the air and for those of us in New Hampshire and Vermont that comes with the sight of sap collection and smell of maple boil.

With the temperature change in spring, sap in maple trees starts flowing and buckets and tubing on the tapped trees can be seen in the countryside as maple sugar producers and property owners collect the sap for making maple syrup. Sugar houses start the process of boiling the sap which burns off water and leaves behind the thick sweet maple syrup we all love so much. Visiting the sugar houses this time of year means getting perfumed with the rich scent of maple from the steam that permeates the sugar houses and is vented through their open ceilings.

Visiting maple houses and tasting their wares provides great road trips and great eating. As with wine, though a tad more subtle, each maple house product can taste a little different, and visiting several is always fun and educational. Additionally, driving through the New England countryside provides beautiful views! Nestled in the hills and byways of NH & VT, maple houses in our area are picturesque and charming.

Sugaring is underway now and many sugar shacks are open for tasting and buying. March 24th and 25th is the official maple weekend for both states!

Come enjoy a stay at the Lyme Inn, which offers historic elegance and contemporary luxury in a casual country setting, and enjoy the many pleasures of maple sugaring season!

New Hampshire Maple Producers Association, Inc.
Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association

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