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One Day in Lyme

The Upper Valley offers a great mix of adventures for all ages. At the Lyme Inn, we take great pride in our small town home while taking full advantage of the offerings of larger towns nearby.

A single day as a Lyme Inn guest could include breakfast at the Inn (included with your room) and then a walk across the street to the Lyme Historians’ Museum. The museum collections— including the Churchill-Melvin Parlor, Lyme and World War I, and the Mayo Collection, with an extensive number of native American artifacts that originated in Lyme—offer great insight into the town’s history. A visit to the Lyme Historian’s Museum is a great way to get to know the proud heritage of our small New England town.

Following your museum visit, wander next door to the Lyme Country Store and pick up lunch. Enjoy a picnic on the town common or take it to go. Then spend a lovely afternoon paddling on the Connecticut River—a popular spot for boating in both New Hampshire and Vermont, as the river is the border between the two states. Canoes and kayaks can be rented from the Ledyard Canoe Club in nearby Hanover. Paddling on the Connecticut is a great way to spend an afternoon, get some physical activity, and enjoy the scenic beauty of our region.

After a return to the Inn to freshen up, enjoy a relaxing and tasteful evening at Ariana’s Restaurant at the Lyme Inn. Martin Murphy is a spectacular chef who recently relocated his popular restaurant to the Inn. From the steamed pork dumplings and mushroom crêpes as starters to the delicious seafood entrees (seafood is a particular specialty of Martin’s) to the beautiful desserts and great wine list, Ariana’s is a perfect place to end your day. Check out Ariana’s Favorites menu and the ever-changing weekly additions to get an idea of what to expect.

Come enjoy historic elegance and contemporary luxury in a casual country setting at the Lyme Inn.

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