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Farmers Markets

The Upper Valley offers a rich variety of activities, from outdoor adventures to the arts, but one of the simple joys of summer is visiting the area’s farmers markets.

Farmers from the Upper Valley’s many small family farms—as well as other area food purveyors, craftspeople, and artisans—regularly gather to sell their wares, particularly in the summer and early fall. Many towns have weekly farmers markets, and they are great places to buy seasonal produce, local meats, delicious cheeses, jams, and freshly baked goods as well as beautiful ceramics, wood creations, candles, scents, and more. And there are usually lovely prepared foods for breakfast and lunch as well.

In addition to offering many delicious and beautiful items for sale, these markets are a great way to meet members of the community. Farmers are happy to engage in conversation about their products and their homesteads, to seek your input about favorite items, and to get to know you. Craftspeople love to talk about their wares and their process. And it’s not uncommon to bump into friends and meet new people as you walk through the aisles of the markets.

One farmers market, a stone’s throw from the Lyme Inn, is in nearby Norwich, Vermont. The Norwich Farmers Market is one of the oldest and largest in northern New England. The market was founded in 1977 as a collection of local growers and craftspeople interested in selling their products directly to consumers.

Come enjoy historic elegance and contemporary luxury in a casual country setting at the Lyme Inn and get a taste of summer in New England!

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