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Winter Is Coming

As Halloween passes, our hearts and minds begin to anticipate winter. New Englanders play the “how long can we wait to turn on the heat” game each year. Whether we heat with a wood stove, pellet stove, fireplace, or furnace, we wait until we can’t postpone it any longer. It’s a matter of pride to hold out as long as we can—a contest of sorts. Most of us have turned on the heat by now, though there are a few holdouts. Plans for Thanksgiving are underway, and thoughts of pulling out the holiday lights have surfaced.

In winter there is joy in watching the snow fall while sitting inside by a fire, drinking a warm beverage, and talking with friends. Winter also brings fun in the form of outside activities: skiing—both nordic and alpine—skating, sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, snow forts, snowmen, and more. Most towns make ice rinks on their town commons, and skate rentals are usually available nearby. Ski resorts pepper New England, off-road bicycle paths become snowmobile tracks, and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing can be found just about everywhere.

At the Lyme Inn, many winter activities are right next door. The town common is across the street and will be sporting its ice rink once the temperatures drop. Next door in Lyme Center is the Dartmouth Skiway, which offers wonderful slopes and great lift ticket prices. It’s old-fashioned skiing, a relaxed and inviting venue, and prices that make a weekend of family skiing affordable. For those who like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, access to Green Woodlands is just a few miles farther down the road.

Come get a taste of hometown winter in New England, and enjoy historic elegance and contemporary luxury in a casual country setting at the Lyme Inn!

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