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Breweries in the Upper Valley and Beyond

Breweries Upper Valley

Beer is one of oldest and most popular beverages in the world. Sometimes referred to as liquid bread, beer was, before modern sanitation, safer to drink than water. The carbonated concoction was used as currency, was given as rations to slaves and soldiers, and was used in trade. Today it is a popular beverage for all occasions. 

Beer comes in a variety of types including stout, porter, ale (real and pale), lager, and Lambic to name a few. You will find beer in a range of colors from pale golden to deep brown and black and flavors such as malty, sweet, smoky, fruity, tart, and hoppy. Beer can be paired with food, just like wine, and has different alcohol percentages.  

October brings thoughts of Biergartens. New Hampshire offers a wonderful OcktoberFest, with outdoor tents, food, music, and wonderful beer at the Attitash Mountain Resort over Columbus Day Weekend (October 12 & 13). Harpoon Brewery also does an OcktoberFest in nearby Windsor the same weekend.

In our area there are many places to try great beer and wonderful craft breweries to visit. Here is a list of those not far from the Lyme Inn:

** multiple award winners

Interested in more information on craft breweries? is a great resource. 

Come enjoy historic elegance and contemporary luxury in a casual country setting at the Lyme Inn, and enjoy all our area has to offer. 

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Beer Flight, Craft Breweries in Dartmouth Region

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