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Pond Hockey

Pond Hockey is a beloved activity of those living in cold-climate states. It has been around for decades and began with hockey fans making skating space almost anywhere large enough for a game: on frozen local ponds or on flooded “rinks” in back yards and town greens. The hockey was informal, ad hoc, and provided hours of fun. No fancy equipment was needed to clear the ice—snow shovels and brooms did the trick. And no fancy equipment was needed for the players either. Local, informal pond hockey is still widely enjoyed and has spawned very popular, official pond hockey tournaments.

In the Upper Valley there are several pond hockey tournaments coming up. Hosted at the Lake Morey Resort:

Come to Lyme NH and enjoy the nearby pond hockey tournaments. And in between you can skate on the Lyme Common, ski at the Dartmouth Skiway, enjoy our local eateries, and take in the charm of our New England town. Come enjoy historic elegance and contemporary luxury in a casual country setting at the Lyme Inn.

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