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Winter Fun in Lyme and around New Hampshire

Winter fun abounds in our region. Skiing, skating, snowmobiling, and more—the options for outdoor fun are many.

In our beautiful town of Lyme, there is ice skating on the town green, cross country skiing at Green Woodlands, and alpine skiing at the Dartmouth Skiway. The Skiway offers reasonable prices for all-day skiing and is a great place for families, with a welcoming lodge, lessons, and beautiful runs on varied terrain. Green Woodlands asks just for a smile in exchange for use of their trails and offers skis for use free of charge.

For snowmobilers, New Hampshire’s open snowmobile weekend is coming up fast. On March 6, 7, & 8, you can ride without a New Hampshire license as long as you have a license from another state. This is a great opportunity to explore New Hampshire’s trails and see our beautiful countryside.

Ice Castles are another reason to visit New Hampshire. This spectacular winter attraction is only available in a few states, and New Hampshire is the only East Coast state to offer it. Located just an hour’s drive from the Lyme Inn, it is well worth a visit. Photos don’t do justice to this carefully created ice structure, which offers pathways and tunnels to wander through as well as beautifully lit sculptures. You can also enjoy a sleigh ride as well as food and beverages.

Come visit us at the Lyme Inn and enjoy all our area has to offer and the many winter charms of New Hampshire.

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