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The Little Town That Could

Lyme, New Hampshire, is a beautiful small town, just north of the larger towns of Hanover and Lebanon in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. It’s a great spot for many activities and is a quintessentially picturesque New England village, with a town green, three restaurants, a village grocery, and an active citizenry.

The citizenry became even more active with the start of the lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The town listserv and library website became communication and information hubs for residents, with news about the virus, updated state regulations, offers of help, and creative solutions to the new normal.

Lyme’s elementary school became the headquarters for the local food bank, helping those whose resources dried up due to the pandemic. A local businessperson, and one of the Lyme Inn’s owners, donated substantial funds to help those in need. Town residents responded to requests for recognition of children’s birthdays with drive-by celebrations, complete with honking horns, signs, and balloons.

Our local restaurants readily shifted to take-out service, though they are now back to in-house and outdoor dining with appropriate social distancing and other precautions in place. Take-out service is also still offered. The Lyme Country Store rose to the challenges of the pandemic by making sure hand sanitizer and other supplies were available, along with their regular offerings of fresh meat, seafood, cheeses, and other supplies.

The world is opening up a little, and we’re thrilled to be opening too on July 1. Come experience the little town that could and enjoy a stay at the Lyme Inn.




COVID Update